[ May 17, 2005 ]
Since discovering the magic that Gmail uses to get things done efficiently, I have had many amazing design ideas for the Glirnath that will greatly improve speed, simplicity, and usability. Of course, they will also require quite a bit of work, so expect the next (major) release to be a little while in coming. It will rock, though, I assure you.

[ Jan 31, 2005 ]
Been spending time lately doing two important things: 1, getting used to my new job. 2, thinking over the Glirnath GUI and trying to improve it. When these things are completed, there will be an update here. Thanks for sending in bug reports and suggestions.

[ Nov 10, 2004 ]
Interesting caveat: don't upgrade the glirnath if it's paused. Or press STOP afterwards if you do.

[ Nov 5, 2004 ]
There you go. Glirnath-0.30. A crazy piece of work. Hopefully you will find it pleasing and with few bugs. This release is a big stepping stone to 1.0, and there's still a lot to do. If you happen to be interested in helping me out, go ahead and contact me.